Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IPB in the Future

by : Melly Latifah
IPB is one of the old university and the only one of the agriculture universtity in Indonesia. Formerly, IPB, as well as ITB, was the part of UI. Around 1960, Faculty of Technology UI was separated from UI and then become ITB. In 1963, Faculty of Agriculture UI was separated from UI and then become IPB.

Since 1963, IPB was a public university with a huge place that was founded by goverment of Indonesia. All lecturer and another employee were paid by government, so almost all operational cost. In IPB, students could studied with chip cost because almost all academic activity were paid by government.

Now, all of the priviliges are still a dream because IPB not as a public university anymore. IPB become a BHMN, an institution which is paid all of its operational costs by itself like private university. Therefore, IPB has to get money by itself.

IPB has did manything to get money. One of them was developing bisnis units like Ekalokasari Plaza and Bogor Agriculture Center. Maybe some day, another place will be took for another bisnis to get more money. It causes academic areas are decreasing litle by litle.

In the future, IPB maybe not a huge, quite and cool place anymore. On the contrary, IPB will become a university with narrow land and crowded place surounded by many business center that full with people with many business activity.

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