Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Merit of Inventors

by : Melly Latifah
Life in present days is so differ from the past. Today, we can find almost everything, and we can reach it easier. We need not to go to Italy just to have some spices for Italian food, or fly to some countries in Europe just to taste for their delicious sub-tropical fruits, such as apple, grave, plum, cherry, and peer. We need not bother to go to Arabian Saudy to have some fragrant sweety dates or arabian peanut which is so delicious. We can find all of them here, in Indonesia. Whether we can find it at super market, mini market, or at the traditionally market. Even when we could not find what we need in Indonesia, we can have it right on time by surfing in the web of internet.

Today is so called the instant and ease-age because almost all of day to day activity at home can be done easier. We can wash clothes and dishes quickly by using a washing-machine. We can use a blender to refine some spices, or use a juicer to squeeze fruits. Those who have hobby in making cake can use a mixer to stir dough following by using a microwave oven to roasted which is quicker and easier to handle. If we want hot water in our tub, just turning the water faucet. We just need to turn the TV on if we want to know what happen in abroad, or push the AC remote on when we want our room at home or office more comfortable. That’s all the ease of present age.

For all of the ease of age we couldn’t forget the merit of all the inventors. The inventors of transportation, cooling machine, kitchen tools, and others tools which helping us in day to day activity. Of course, all of the ease did not find just like that. The inventors must passed a long and tired steps to find out that sophisticated tools. During their explorations, the inventors often faced difficulties, even dangers of the perilous nature, like electricity invention by Benjamin Franklin, or mercury invention by Mary Currie.

The inventors didn’t care about all of the risk that might be harmfull for them self. The more difficult it is, the more highly it is regarded. The important thing to the inventors were to attain their solitary goals, namely the answer of their reseach questions --- the summits of their invention.

For that reason, we --- people who live in the world today --- must thank to the inventors --- who live in the past. Without their merit, we can’t experience the age of having everything and doing ease. Whereas in their period, their had bad experiences with uneasie and uncomfort lifes. They had the impoverished settlements and bad transportations, as well the foods were not ease to find and to cook.

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